Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Wisdom for the New Year!

 Amy Rachelle

The Wisdom of Beauty is back again after a unscheduled sabbatical. My apologies, after an embarrassment of riches and opportunities it took a while for me to manage my time again to start up the blog but I feel starting up again in the first week of the new year is fitting.

Our topic this week is going to be about getting fit which seems to be on most people's minds after the holidays where you were force fed food (perhaps I exaggerate a bit here) and maybe packed on a few pounds or at the very least do not feel like your "best self". People kept waving delicious food in front of my face (especially sweets, my kryptonite) and I didn't want to offend anyone so I ate. And drank. And didn't go to yoga. And slept. And ate again.

Not feeling my best self I was trying to remember when I was at my best physical shape in my life.  I then remembered a summer about eight years ago where I had time off from work and my intuitive massage guru diagnosed me with an allergy to wheat, dairy and gluten. She advised me to avoid these foods and after figuring out what was left to eat I went on a dairy/wheat/gluten free diet. Since I had the summer off I also went to Pilate's and yoga at least three times a week.  That is when the miracle happen. What I had thought was physically impossible happened to me. I developed a six-pack of abs! I couldn't believe it! Also the rest of my body became incredibly toned but the six pack left me in a state of wonder. I had always had throughout my entire life a soft stomach. I had even learned to embrace it as my boyfriend told me it was his favorite part of my body (liar!). I never thought my body was capable of developing such great muscles but apparently my abs (like the sun) are there all the time, it just took time, a proper diet and exercise to get the fat (like the clouds) away. 

I am tempted again to try a diet free of wheat/dairy/gluten and also free of sugar, possibly wine too as I feel if I am going to be proactive with my health and fitness I should avoid these foods and beverages as much as possible. Becoming a vegan is a goal of mine so it makes sense to start entering this phase of my life. Going to Pilate's and yoga at least three times a week is also a goal of mine now that I am managing my time better so we shall see if the abs decide they would once again like to make an appearance in my life.

My intuitive massage guru for any who would like to know is Amy Rachelle. She has gained over the year some popularity as a raw foods chef and musician. She discovered her connection to nature and healing from living on a boat, living without electricity and indoor plumbing for two years, traveling extensively, and life experiences of living among native people. She became aware of her gift for vision and massage when she took over a pregnant woman’s practice in Lake Attila, Guatemala. She has been developing her intuitive abilities and healing skills since then, over the past 15 years of session/bodywork with clients that range from everyday people, to artists, to celebrities, to business executives, to other healing practitioners. 

Amy has been developing her personal practices of diet, meditation, cleansing, and yoga since 1990 - her spiritual evolution grew exponentially when she became a vegetarian at that time. She's been on the raw path since '96 and lives a lifestyle of daily practices that she considers to be a foundation for freedom. It's her intention to share these practices through her work - and life - with all those seeking self discovery and purpose on the planet. Amy's personal journey of self-healing, and witnessing many other people heal, discovering Vipassana (a 10 day silent meditation - dhamma.org), years of internal cleansing, raw foods, and practicing Ashtanga yoga have created a basis from which Amy passionately learns and teaches from.

Amy's website is www.amyrachelle.com and though she is constantly traveling around the world healing people from within I recommend you contact her and set up an appointment next time she is in your area as the intuitive massage she gives reveals not only your physical well being but your emotional and spiritual state of mind, body and soul. She isn't a psychic but her readings go deep into what is really happening in your present and past life. She can also diagnose your mental blocks and help you get out of unproductive life patterns. After a session with Amy she gives you "homework" which are questions to honestly ask yourself and work on to create a better you from the inside and out.

Whatever path you decide to make yourself a better person this year I wish you great success and discipline. Let me know what is working for you!

Thank you!

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